15 January 2012

from my hotel window

watching Abraham
sharing with the man next door

he’s always dressed in paint
old jacket and pants
covered in colourful splashes
his dreads held together by a big knit rasta hat

i’m listening to his music
wanting to take photos of him
his giant canvases spread out on the asphalt
he’s working

(my turn too..)

some interesting rap type music
i’d like to ask him sometime what it was
now carmina burana takes me away
for a while

‘haha’ i hear some guy kind of laugh
‘i was secretly wondering that but i didn’t want to ask’
he kind of mumbled the end
or maybe my attention span just ran

next i’m onto the dog barking
the birds squawking
people walking and talking on the boardwalk

then carmina burana commands my attention again
the power in that piece

the birds fly outside my window
i see the waves continue to roll in
the landscape is changing
carmina makes her final crescendo

now some reggae band comes on
out here in the parameters there are no boundaries
out here we are stoned immaculate
o it’s jimmy actually
he screams

when the music’s over
that’s what he sings
the birds flap their wings
turn out the lights.

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